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Jul 03, 2021 Jul 03, 2021

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I added photos (233, I think) and later realized they did not fully synch. I could see previews, but no originals existed. The error I kept receiving indicated the drive was corrupt or the originaIs were otherwise not available. I checked the drive to which originals are to be posted and, indeed, they were not there. Unfortunately, I no longer have the originals (unaware that they had not fully synched with light room). I had already started editing them. I disconnected the drive and reconnected it but those originals were still gone, and Lightroom started a full synch continuously showing downloading, as if it had never synched before. A week has passed. I thought perhaps it was stuck because of the previews without originals and I was finally able to delete those, but it is still synching. I have 7431 photos (some RAW and some Jpeg). My download speed is 200.84 mbps and upload is 11.43 mbps. 


I have purchased a new external drive in case the other is corrupt, but that does not seem to be the case.


Why would it behave as if it had never synched before (location preference is still external drive) and how long should it take? Any ideas for speeding this up? I think I have a relatively low number of photos so I am confused by the slowness of this situation. 







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