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Lost folders

New Here ,
Aug 19, 2022 Aug 19, 2022

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Package Lightroom plus with 1TB Cloud storage.  I mainly use LR throught the cloud using my desktop (2014 Apple Mac/Mojave 10.14.6).  I save important photos in folders, sub-folders and never have had any problems before.  I have discovered today that a really important sub-folder with 16 sub-sub-folders has just disappeared from my list of folders/ablums.  I will have accessed this folder very recently and I would never have knowlingly deleted the folder.  I'm panicking as the photos are really important to me, plus some of the photos also double as an important of record of work that I do and I'm always needing to refer back to them.  What can I do to try to find this folder or can Abode "retrieve" a previous day's version of Lightroom to restore the file (and then update for photos added on later days), even if I have to pay for this service?   It's really worrying as I have relied on LR for storage and I don't save photos elsewhere as I always thought LR was reliable.  I currently have 53.394 images saved - at a guess, I would have said I should have slightly more but I'm not yet sure whether photos have been deleted or not.  Could a fault have developed upon LR automatically syncronising my old phone/desktop, or could it be a bug?  My computer is slow - could something have gone wrong because it is slow (older machine)?  My computer also crashed the other day (the electricty went).  LR says I am using version 4.4.  What can I do and is there anyone that I can contact at lightroom itself?







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