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LR Freezing the same way LrC would freeze

Community Beginner ,
Jan 31, 2022 Jan 31, 2022

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For almost a yeeear LrC would freeze on me leaving the remenance of a dropdown menu behind and refusing to give up foreground on the screen.  I finally gave up and went to Lr, and after 2 days testing changed my plan for more stoage because of it.  As soon as I did Lr has begun to do the same thing.


I have reinstalled from scratch more than once, turned on/off GPU acceleration reloaded Windows, it occurs on CR2, TIF, and JPG, different catalogs (that have later been rebuild with no effect...) I have done every suggestion that was on the boards so far, short of looking  for an alternative.

Cannot access version because it is FROZEN.  It was installed Jan 29 2022

Windows 11 Build 22000 Release 210604-1628 (But this has been going on for MONTHS

I7-9700K  80Gb RAM (tested last night)

9Tb free local disk space

More on SAN but Lr was all local cache also

Task Manager shows 0CPU, 6.61 Gb RAM in use by Lr and 10 by PS that is still functioning

This pattern of zero CPU and RAM holding at 6 to 30 GB depending on instance is common to every example I have seen.  On LrC this would happen within 15 to 20 minutes of use.  Lr seems to be closer to 30 minutes but it can vary in both cases.


The other fingerprint of the issue is it occurs on making a menu selection and the menu or submenu that shows up will freeze and remain on to of any other program until such time as Lr/LrC is ended by task manager.


Looking at activity monitor there is again nothing special, all activity just stops.


On several but not many occasions the program would begin functioning in 15 to 30 minutes after freeze.  Other times it would sit doing nothing for 48+ hours.


Tell me what logs are helpfull and I will provide, but currently I have no ability to use the program in an ongoing way.  Restarting at 15 minute intervals is not a solution








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