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LrD 5.0 restarts my modem

Community Beginner ,
Oct 29, 2021 Oct 29, 2021

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So it seems that this is an actual thing seeing some topics here about LRCC killing peoples internet. I finally got hit by this "bug" with the new lightroom CC 2022 and it restarts my modem when it syncs. It even restarts my modem with a 3mb upload. Now that's funny and I am kinda pissed off about it. I never had this issue and I wondering what with LRcc22 is suddenly causing it with me. I even have the ever stuck syncing nothing bug suddenly as well.


This is happening on both my windows 10 rig and my apple laptop where it restarts my modem once I boot up lightroom. As for the forever syncing bug it's happening on my windows desktop. I remember it happening before and it had to do with deleting a file and it gets stuck trying to sync a file that's not there anymore. I forgot the work around with that is now, but I shouldn't even be trying to create work arounds for something that I pay monthly for.


Also another issue I am having is with the new PS22 where it disables my keyboard, lol.

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