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Migration bug // Missing masking local adjustements (+ missing photos also) - ADOBE SUPPORT NEEDED

Community Beginner ,
Jan 16, 2022 Jan 16, 2022

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I just migrated my library (1 catalog) from Lr Classic v11.1 to Lightroom v5.1 (could based + desktop app) on macos v11.5.1 trhough the Lr "migrate from" option.


Migration process is finished (approx.16000 pictures for 500Go).

"Only" 51 .mov files transfer failed, but I will managed that myself.

I'm currently into the sync / upload phase. 13000 pics remaining.


I'm facing 2 (maybe 3 or 4...) issues, the first one being critical to me :


1/ Local ajdustements are missing on some migrated pictures (radial filters, circle filters, etc...). Not on all pictures, but some. I didn't found any "logical key" that can explain why it works on some and not on others. It seems random to me for now.

I crossed checked again. Local adjustments are present in Classic and missing in Lr. General adjustment (exposure, saturation, details, etc... are OK) but the blue dot on the local masking tab is missing in Lr and all local adjustements also.


- Some pictures were not migrated at all and are even not mentionned into the final migration report. That scares me. I'm currently cross checking albums one by one to make sure I transfer the remaining ones manually. I have the feeling that "virtual copy / stack" is one explanation key. I mean, all missing pictures in Lr where somehow virtual copies into Lr Classic. Strange things is that final migraiton report states that everyhting was OK, even for virtual copies.


(I'm also facing issue to import .mov files and also have the feeling that colors of some pictures are totally different from one Lr Classic to Lr). But let's keep that for later discussion.


Adobe team & community, I need your support for at least the first issue "missing local adjustements" as a priority as it's not something I will be able to fix myself by checking all 16000 edits on by one. I will try to call the support center tomorow if needed.


Have a nice day everybody and thanks in advance.







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