My metadata is getting lost!

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May 28, 2021 May 28, 2021

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I'm a photography student working on my portfolio. I've only been having one issue with lightroom since I started: all my photos except for the first 10 say "no exis information" where the metadata usually is found for each photo. This is problamatic for me... the metadata is necessary for my application to my program!


I use a Canon Rebel T7. The metadata shows on the camera itself. I use Canon's Camera Connect to upload photos via wifi from my camera to my phone, where I then upload from my camera roll to Lightroom, which then syncs to all my devices. Somehow, the metadata in this process stayed at first, but for months now it has been lost somehwere in the process. Is this because I'm uploading the photos from my iPhone camera roll to the IOS Lightroom App? Does anyone know how to fix this issue or who to go to? Is it a lightroom issue? Do I need to find a different way to upload my photos? 

My portfolio application is due next week... I'm in big trouble if I can't figure out this issue soon! Any assistance would be fabulous. 









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