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No refund from Adobe Support

New Here ,
Jan 22, 2023 Jan 22, 2023

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More like garbage customer service and human relations. Straight lies. Adobe  told me they would give me a full refund for the time I couldn’t even use Adobe! Since my computer crashed yet I received No refund!?!? Fir almost 5 months I was over paying for a subscription I couldn't even cancel. Let alone use! And when I finally logged into my computer and found Adobe stocks also In full flight. I didn't even know why I was short money every month.. i still haven't managed to update the operating system in my laptop and now can't even login to my laptop. I still have issues with my laptop since their software crashed my laptop ivee red had to take my laptop in to tech support twice already third time will be Monday. And still no refund has been issued to me at s at all. They told me I could either get x number of months of free use to compensate me for the time I couldn't use my computer. Yet when they switch my plan over they asked me to renew my credit card Info so that they could charge me again. First off I was on the wrong plans to begin with. I was on a 2tb plan and got Adobe stocks when I should have been on the 20gb plan and what's Adobe stocks anyhow? They said they would refund me for the period of time I couldn't use it by giving nee we credit if I let them charge my credit card again? What kind of a refund is that? This is after months of not being able to use ny laptop for even viewing photos let alone editing them? Now I can't even log into my laptop. Like Adobe is the most important thing that's in my laptop? As if.., what kind of garbage treatment and lies is this? They say they will issue me a refund only I don't receive it? How many xxxxxxxxcxxx$ per month is Adobe worth in basic subscriptions, they can't even follow through with what they say they will do??!!! They have to lie to your face about it while your going into overdraft because of a subscription that's not even the right plan sand uoi can't even cancel thee ef subscription because you can't d ef Ben login to your computer because their software crashes your operating system! So much for caring about the little people right? What about following through with what you say you'll do and being held accountable for it? Thanks for putting me in debt Adobe so now I've got overdraft and my service bills to pay at my local tech support. And still I can't even use my laptop for anything!!! Reall classy group of people... where's pathetic refund you said you would issue??? 







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