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"Person Shown" not searchable

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Jan 06, 2021 Jan 06, 2021

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I know this was discussed a long time ago, but I finally bought a new iMac where I have known for a long time that I cannot use MEDIA PRO database management software on this system.  It's the reason I have been holding back for so long, as I use Media Pro religiously and have over a million assets with metadata throughout..  One of my most commonly used Metadata fields is "PEOPLE" in Media Pro, but since it's not an official IPTC field, it does not have a parallen in LR. HOWEVER, the entries in the PEOPLE field do show up under Lightroom's IPTC Extension area as "Person Shown" But it is NOT a searchable field eventhough Lightroom has a search tab for ALL METADATA.


It is most infuriating that the Lightroom engineers cannot simply make that field (and the EVENT Field) searchable..  PLEASE!!


There are workarounds, but they are so inelegant and it would take me several weeks to execute the whole archive. (using a plug in in Media Pro to copy or move the People entries into Keywords, etc.).   Again, I imagine it could be so easy for Adobe to just make Person Shown and Event searchable, and can't figure out why they have failed to do that.  Media Pro is defunct and cannot pose any competitive danger to Bridge or Ligthtroom



Feature request, Mac







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