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May 28, 2021 May 28, 2021

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Is it possible to use smart collections with nestled rules?


For exampled: I what photos of me, my wife, and child from 2012

If if use the "all" (vs any) for date range of 2012, and keyword for the those three names, I only get phots from 2012 with ALL three of us.

If I use "any", I get photo of all us from any any date AND all of 2012

Niether is good. With nested rules I could say "all" 



People - any of





See attached image to make more sense of this

Untitled 1.png

This is for a comic collect, but asks that published by IDW and Series has (84 OR ghost or hist) AND comes after 2018


So my photo colection would Keywords (me or wife or kid) AND  from 2012


Make sense?

Is it possible?








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