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Sony A7RIII ARW and JPG to LR do not open, but PS does

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May 26, 2021 May 26, 2021

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Hard drive fail on my Big Mac - no worries - all is saved.  New Laptop, installed all softwares (Adobe Creative Cloud),  Sony ARW, etc.  
1. I can download images to computer and see them, however, they won't import into LR, classic or CC. Hmmm. So, I try jpg. Same problem.

2. BUT, I can import the image into PS, manipulate it, and email it. - no problem. HOWEVER, image will NOT import into LR.  Message " Some import operations were not performed". Files appear with a _ in front as in _DeK2047.JPG.  
3. Examing files elsewhere (I cannot recall) I note a txt after  these files.  IDK why.

4. I've removed LR, and reinstalled.  BUT, I'm NOT seeing the same format of Adobe choices that I had on my now dead Big Mac.  Odd. (I assumed it was an update....). Specifically, I used to see a LR Classic Creative Cloud. 
5.  My Adobe  LR is up to date. 10.2
6.  I did download the Sony Imaging Converter app. Not seeing any difference nor help...?
7. I did take an image, bring it into PS, bring it into Portrait Pro - no problems. I still will not import into LR. 


In summary: 
I can see images, process in PS, but cannot import into LR, regardless if ARW or jpg. 



Not a techie. 









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