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STILL 2 issues with LR Desktop/Classic

Community Beginner ,
Jun 25, 2024 Jun 25, 2024

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I still have 2 issues with Lightroom - 1 in desktop (CC?) and 1 in classic. Both were updated today! Windows 11 machine.


In desktop, (I use Canon shooting raw) when I edit a .cr3 file, I go to Denoise and use that before doing anything else. In Classic, when this step is complete the program then changes to the .dng file which has denoise applied to it. In Desktop, it does NOT. You have to manually choose the .dng file. For me, that makes no sense and I find myself doing edits to a file that has NOT has denoise applied to it. Am I missing something or is this something that can be fixed?


Problem 2 is one that occurs in classic but NOT in desktop. When using denoise thru desktop the file while doing the denoise process has no flashing or anything, but in classic, when doing the same thing on the sames files on the same system during the denoise process the picture will flash to varying degrees.

Both files will estimate 10 seconds. Any ideas?


I did post a while back about problem 1 but was largely ignored. Hope to get answers to both this time around. Thanks!







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