Still getting "An error ocurred" prompt when I try to upload to Blurb books ....

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May 27, 2021 May 27, 2021

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Running a rock-solid iMac.  This past weekend I completed a photo and narrative book in the Lightroom Book Module.  I've been working on this book for about a year.  I gave the book a quick 2nd proofing Monday AM.  I then clicked "Send Book to Blurb."  Two seconds later I received the above-indicated prompt.


Since then, I've been trying every conceivable correction method I could think of.  I changed all of the fonts in my Lightroom book.  I ran a virus check.  I ran a "Validate Fonts" process.  I renamed all of the images.  I moved the file over to my laptop and tried uploading the book from there.  Got the same prompt.  Nothing has worked to correct the problem.  I finally decided to research the issue and discovered it's a wide-spread problem.  I contacted Blurb (if you can call purely online conversations as a way of getting help; Blurb has no phone numbers!  Blurb passed the buck by telling me they only publish.  They have nothing to do with the  design app.


Here's the response email I sent to Blurb today:


"Having investigated and researched many, many resources, including Adobe, I’ve learned that the problem I’m experiencing is quite wide spread.  Asking me to work with Adobe directly does not address the problem.  It’s merely “passing the buck."
As best I can tell, the inability to upload my book from Lightroom to Blurb is caused by a mistake in the INTERACTION between Lightroom and Blurb software.  In all customer articles and books I’ve read — including Scott Kelby’s highly regarded book on Lightroom Classic — the relationship between Blurb and Lightroom is considered a partnership between Blurb and Lightroom.
This means that Blurb and Lightroom should be resolving this problem TOGETHER and should have addressed it together quite a while ago instead of “passing the buck” to the customer.
Right now, because I’m unable to upload my book to Blurb, I’m in a difficult if not impossible situation.  In June I was supposed to send my agent a copy of my latest effort, a 240-page volume of images and text.
I can’t do that now and have not figured out a solution on my own.  I’ve tried every possible correction route, but nothing I do remedies this problem.
Unlike Adobe, Blurb makes the problem much worse and much more frustrating by not having a real person to talk with!  There’s no phone number.  There’s no way to contact ANYONE at Blurb except for online communication, which is tedious and many times non-productive.
I'm writing an article about my experience … an experience known to many, many Lightroom/Blurb customers.  I will also be writing to Blurb management about this neglect of responsibility by Blurb.  My article is intended to bring to light a problem that Blurb doesn’t even address when talking about the Blurb/Lightroom relationship.  In fact, the Blurb web site encourages and “welcomes” Lightroom users to have their books printed by Blurb … even though Blurb is fully aware of the interaction problem!
I don’t know who you are.  I assume your intentions are good.  Please forward this email to a supervisor or manager or someone else in authority who can grab this problem by the horns and fully resolve it.
— Steve Garey







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