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Sync unreliable

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Dec 20, 2023 Dec 20, 2023

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After 4 years trying to make LR CC work (yes, "CC", that's how its identified in Appdata/Local and Appdata/Roming, so, that's the name I am going with here), it's clear to me that LR CC has 2 critical flaws (they could be rectified if some attention was paid to them).  


Some background.  I tried to use LR CC exclusively, partially hoping it would "solve" my growin disk managing issues.   (It actually only made them more complicated.).   I then tried backing off and keeping a secondary copy of all my photos in a synced version of LRC (eg. all files went in LR CC, I then used LRC as a means to collect the files on my computer so that I could actaully see what is going on).  This was necessary because the "local storage" option provided by LR CC is opague at best) - I needed a mechanims to manage my files directly (e.g., see what files where overly large becuase I edited them in Photoshop and kept the layers).    My next evolution was to perform some tasks in LRCC and some in LRC.   This was necessary because LR CC lacks the organizational capabilites needed to manage a reasonably sized photo set.   This startegy could actaully be viable, but the sync strategy of LR CC and LRC make this very difficult to pull off (for this reason Adobe recomends against this strategy - the issue is, not that it is hard however, its that Adobe has decided to make sync information a black box with very poor sync management tools at the users reach).  


So, after 4 years and some 50 thousand photos imported into LR CC (not a really big set, but not a small set either), my 2  main lessons are:

1) LR CC sync to the cloud is unreliable.  OK, its a complicated process and failures occur, thats to be expected.  What makes cloud sync untenible is the "black box" approach that make debugging issue with the  sync diabolically hard to diagnose and resolve.    For example, when LR CC is hovering up gigabytes of data, hour after hour but the sync counter has not moved and no files appear when 'view sync files is selected, the user needs some information.  

2) LR CC lacks the organizational tools to make it possible to manage, and keep in order, a large photo set.   On the surface Collections and the Keyword capabilities in LR CC would seem to be enough, however, they are not.   Lacking the "doesn't Contain" and temporary Label Tagging functionality o LRC render any sort of oranization  strategy subject to breakdown (this is exacerbated by the fact that Collections are not persistant  once  a photo has made the roundtrip to Photoshop.   Keywords are persistant, but since LR CC lacks usefull Keyworking organizational capabilities, its not possible to Keyword and maintain a rich set of keywords.   The use of "drop down" filters adds to this problem (e.g., a few locations, keywords, etc can work, but 100s, 1000s make drop downs useless).   








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