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Third party profile generates incorrect previews in Lightroom Mobile

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Aug 04, 2023 Aug 04, 2023

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I use some 3rd party profiles such as RNI, Cobalt Image, Nagarive Lab Pro. All of them looks good on both Lr Desktop and Lr Classic, but on mobile (iPad and iPhone), photos looks wrong. The look and the level of innacuracy depends of the edits epplied to the particular photo. If the photo is not heavy edited, the generated preview on Lr mobile looks fair, but if it's edited signifficantly, the previews looks way off, in terms of color casts, contast, exposure etc. The only way to show the correct photo is to wait for it to load and zoom in to 100%. Anything less than that is innacurate. Grid view is innacurate and I couldnt find a way to generate correct thumbnails.


I''ve seen this question many times on the internet, but nobody has a solution to the problem, so I'm reporting a bug. It's been years since this was happening, and that's the main reason why I'm not using Lr mobile, as half of my photos shows innacurate. Just looking the grid view, it looks awful.

iOS: iPhone , iPadOS






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