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Two photo files - same image but different EXIF information

Community Beginner ,
Sep 27, 2022 Sep 27, 2022

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Lightroom Classic shows two photo files that have the same file name and the same photo but different EXIF information. 

Background - I use a Canon 5D Mk IV.  I customized the File Name to be "DND_XXXX".

I was in Kuaii in February 2022. The file names of my photos were in the DND_4000's sequence. 

I was in British Columbia in August, 2022.  Once again the file name range was in the DND_4000's sequence.

I notice the other day when re-editing my Hawaii pictures that one of the photos was of Helmken Falls in British Columbia but the EXIF Data showed that it was taken on February 8, 2022. THe GPS data showed that it was taken in Hawaii.

I looked at the photos that I took in British Columbia in August and found the same photo with the correct EXIF information; i.e. the date and GPS data were accurate.


I noticed tonight when trying to compose this note that one difference between the two instances of the photo is that the original photo (which to be clear is the one taken in August) has "Copy Name" populated as "Copy 1".  


1. I am not sure how this photo was made to be copy 1 but it is.

2. I am not sure how the other one (the one that the EXIF data says was taken in Hawaii" was created but if anything it should be designated as Copy 1.

3. Is this a bug?  Or did I somehow use a key stroke sequence to do this?

4. Is it safe to delete the second one and keep the original? And if so how do I then deleted the "Copy 1" field information?








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