Z-Mount Lens Correction Issues

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Apr 08, 2021 Apr 08, 2021

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I've recently moved from Nikon F-Mount and a D850 to Z-Mount and a Z6ii. I'm having a really hard time understanding what is going on with lens corrections in Lightroom. It's seems to be a total mess. I understand that the camera is now embedding profiles into the raw files. However here are some of the inconsistencies I'm experiencing:

With the z mount 14-30mm f/4 I have zero control over distortion or vignetting in lightroom. It says built in profile has been applied.

With z mount 14-24mm f/2.8 and 50mm f/1.8, It does not say that a profile has been applied, but I can apply one in lightroom like I used to be able to and have control over distortion and vignette.

50mm 1.8 used to be like the 14-30mm but something has changed with the last update.

With a ftz adapted Sigma ART 85mm and 40mm f/1.4 it says that a buiilt-in profile has been applied and I have no control over the distortion and vignette. However, unlike the 14-30mm, I can change the profile and add lightroom's profile for the lens. The problem is that the lightroom profile is being added on top of the built in profile, so I'm getting distortion and vignette correction control, but only adding it on top of the built in profile. The is a big issue.

With ftz adapted F-mount glass, the profile seems to be working like they do for the 14-24mm and 50mm above.


It seems like this is a major issue with how lightroom is handling all these different lenses on Z cameras.







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