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Editing checkpoint for comparing to

New Here ,
Nov 23, 2021 Nov 23, 2021

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It would be sweet to see a feature that would allow you to create a checkpoint while in the middle of an edit so you can compare to that point in the editing process as you are going along. Very similar to how on Mac if you press the backslash button while editing, it shows the original photo without edits. I am thinking of having that same feature, but instead of it showing the original photo before edits when the backslash is pressed, you can set the photo with a certain set of edits to be what pops up when you press backslash. Or even have several buttons you can set to be different stages in your editing of the photo. I would find this useful because when I am really taking my time to edit a photo, i sometimes go down a rabbit hole of edits I thought I would like and then end up not liking, so it would be nice to compare to an earlier version in your editing/ be able to restore the previous version without pressing undo a hundred times.

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