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P: Bring back "Download All" for mobile browsers

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Sep 09, 2021 Sep 09, 2021

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There is no ability to "download all" images when sending albums to others with links. 

There definitely used to be this feature, and its available on desktop and laptop versions but has been removed from mobiles? 

This feature needs to be re-added. A large majority of clients access their albums and photos through mobile browsers and while they are able to open the images and individually download them but that is a huge issue when sharing albums even with more than 5 photos. Please add the ability when sharing album links with people to download all images, it's not only inconvient for the client but it hurts the person trying to deliver these albums especially when delivering to commercial clients or social media clients and can potentially lead to that creator losing a client. 

This absolutely should be resolved within the next lightroom update. 


Files attached to show that the ability to download jpegs is on, and that despite that, where there is the option to "report abuse" there was above that an option to "download all" which you can see is no longer there. 

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