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P: +/- hot key support for quick adjustments

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Sep 02, 2021 Sep 02, 2021

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So an extremely useful and time saving feature of Lightroom classic is missing from CC and is stopping me from switching entirely (and therefore spending more on cloud hosting); the + and - hot keys that could be mapped to any adjustment to super quickly tweak a particular adjustment. 
In my workflow I use it to quickly adjust exposure as I go through my event photos, generally my presets get me 90% of the way there and I just need to tweak exposure a little. Currently on CC I need to lift my hand from the keyboard that I was using for navigating/rating photos to the mouse/touchscreen in order to change exposure, which disrupts my flow and increases editing time. This one small tweak would make a big difference to my workflow and in turn make me fully switch to CC.

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