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P: Saving different crop/aspect ration configurations within image

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Mar 23, 2024 Mar 23, 2024

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Feature: a dropdown menu within the "Crop" tab that allows you to save/view/compare different crops of an image - i.e. with different aspect ratios, sizing or other adjustments. 


Note: this would be similar to the "Verions" tool however different in that any following edits to lighting, healing, masking, etc. would apply to all of the crop versions. I also realize some of the this functionality could be done by duplicating images and cropping each differently, but that really clutters my library so having this live within the single image itself would be much cleaner. 


Benefit 1: The big advantage of this over the "Versions" tool is it allows you to try out different crops much earlier in the editing workflow, for instance during culling even. Perhaps it's just my own preference, but I like to explore crop options pretty early, so that I know the "potential" of a given image - sometimes it seeing how I could crop an image tells me if it is worth it to spend the more time consuming effort of ediitng the lighting, healing, masking, etc. By being able to save crops, I could do this earlier in my editing workflow and it'd allow me to better select which images I should then spend the time to edit further, while my crop configruations remain saved for later. 


Benefit 2: When I am printing or exporting images, I like to be able to compare different crops and aspect ratios, currently within the "Crop" tab, it's not easy to quickly toggle back and forth (when you select a new aspect ratio is usually isn't sized or placed currently on the image). This feature would allow me to adjust a few different crops really particularly then click back and forth to compare. Theoretically, this one could be done with "Versions", however I often will return at the very end of the process for a few further image edits, and with "Versions" all of the older versions would not get these edits. 


In short: This feature would streamline my workflow, both at the front end (culling) and back end (exporting). 


Below I've attached a couple images showing a rough mockup of what this feature might look like. I'd image it could live as a dropdown menu within the "Crop" tab, where you can save and name new configurations. Each configuration could have unique aspect ratios and/or sizing, and perhaps also the geometry/distortion corrections too. 


Hopefully others agree on the value of this feature. Thanks for the consideration. 

Lightroom feature requests 20240323.001.jpegLightroom feature requests 20240323.002.jpeg

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