Lightroom mobile synchronized pictures taken with my iPhone but I don't want them in Lightroom

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Sep 30, 2020 Sep 30, 2020

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Earlier today I discovered when I opened Lightroom on my Mac that some pictures taken with my iPhone were added in my catalog (I use the same catalog for all my professional photography but sort everything out in collections). I really don't want to mix my professional photography with my daily phone pictures. I don't want them on Lightroom (not even on the app). I think it might be linked to ios14? Only the pictures from september were added, and I updated the ios in september.

Another detail, I recently wanted one specific collection from my Mac synchronized on my iPhone, on Lightroom Mobile (I only have one or two other collections synchronized). It worked well until today, now my Mac catalog is messy 😕 

So how can I cancel these iPhone pictures from synchronization? I want them on my iPhone but not on my Mac (by the way, they're on my iPhone but not on Lightroom Mobile).

Hope this makes sense!


Thanks in advance 

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