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Sep 06, 2020 Sep 06, 2020

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So sometimes I hit export to camera roll but it doesn't export and it takes multiple tries to get it to export. Also when exporting as a DNG to files it exports at a really low resolution. And when in the Lightroom Camera sometimes (mostly at high(ish) shutter speeds) the photo in the preview looks wayyy brighter than it actually is. And finally in the library if you have your images as big as they can be (larger than the large thumbnails option in the view settings) the previews are really low res.


Here are some details that might be helpful:

  • I'm on iPhone XR iOS 13.6
  • The export settings don't really seem to matter


Edit: I've looked at other posts here and other people are also having the export problem, but I don't get a pop-up, it just says the normal "photo successfully exported." And I am also having the issue where it doesn't apply noise reduction when exporting

Edit 2: It'd also be useful to mention I'm on version 5.4.1


Edit 3: The noise reduction problem has been fixed in v5.4.2, and I think that first problem where photos don't always export

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