Black Friday Sales 2019

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Nov 16, 2019

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Ive noticed blackfriday sales have started for light room on pc/mac but it looks like us mobile users are getting no love 😔 id sign up now if we had the sale like the big boy versions. I know im moaning, ive got the pc version thru work but i use the android version for personal use and it works amazing on the note 10 plus. The screen and stylus is a perfect combo when im out and captured a shot that needs some tweaking but dont want to wait to get home to get my tweaking on. 😉 Hopefully adobe will do a blackfriday sale for premium version of their apps which have got SO much better this last year.

Before i get comments its pretty cheap already, i have stage 3 rcc (renal cancer) and virtually all my income goes on the extra cost treatment adds to your life when you have kids, and things like how much traveling to treatment costs every week , if i can save a few quid (yep im British) it's all a help, and now im venting, my Benefits have been stopped because of 2 mix ups and a missing letter with an assessment date so im barley surviving. Ive saved up money from selling my editing pc to pay bills and keep my car on the road which still stings.. So ive

decided to treat myself to the premium version of light room on android if we get a blck Friday sale, fingers crossed 


Health wise, im OK, treatment has stabilised things, gonna hit it with the big stuff in January. Staying positive and refusing give up, i can't do commercial work because ive applied for benefits but I can do it for myself for free





Lol i had to edit about 5 times, typing on a phone is not my forte. 🤣😅

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