Can I NOT sync an LR Mobile photo until I specifically want to sync that photo?

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Mar 13, 2017

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About 9 out of 10 photos I take in LR Mobile end up culled. I work on the keepers on my iMac with Lightroom CC.  But as it's working now, EVERY photo I take gets synced to the cloud and ends up on my iMac.  I would prefer, much prefer, if there would be no automatic syncing to the cloud, and then when I have a photo I want to work on, on my iMac, I could in LR Mobile move it to a folder that automatically syncs, or in some other way tell LR Mobile that I want that photo to sync.

Can this be done?

As it is now, scores or hundreds of photos from a shooting session start uploading to the cloud when I get into wifi, and I'll want to delete 90% of them in the end.  It's also a waste of time slowing down my internet connection (we can't even use our internet for other things when it's uploading) while it's going on.








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