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Aug 19, 2017 Aug 19, 2017

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I'm a relatively new (~3 months) LR CC user. I have been importing photos just fine into the desktop catalog from old photo files, from camera card, and from LR mobile (e.g., iPhone camera roll). But I'm super confused about how photos from the catalog get into LR mobile. Somehow most of them are already up there - I'm not sure how.

Here's the situation on my desktop catalog:

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 6.31.43 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 6.45.51 PM.png

I'm not a big user of collections - yet - because mostly I've imported old photos, and I only have 2 collections that I have deemed 'synced' with LR mobile: one with 2410 pics and one with 192 pics (according to the desktop). But somehow most of my pictures are already synced with LR mobile.

The '2017 Sync' catalog in 'From Lr mobile' seems to contain both iOS / camera roll pictures as well as some DSLR pictures from the desktop catalog. I'm not sure why those particular photos.

In the iOS LR app under 'Organize' I have 'Lightroom Photos' (21,457), and the two catalogs. I can browse almost all of my pictures (except newly imported ones) on mobile. Note that there are 2 photos that aren't syncing (21,457 vs. 21,459, not even sure how to figure out what's missing).

So here are my questions:

  • Why does LR have most - but not all - those pics synced?
  • Where is the 18,000-photo collection that LR considers part of synced photographs?
  • What is the 'From Lr mobile' collection and why is it only 350 photos? And why isn't it just iOS photos?
  • Is this corrupted somehow?
  • Should I be worried that the numbers are off?
  • Should I just start over (I just exported 'all photographs' as catalog, so I could create a fresh new catalog and import, unless there's a better way)?
  • is there another way to reset / refresh?

There seems to be lots of documentation on how to start syncing with LR mobile (create a collection, sync it) but precious little on how to troubleshoot where the photos actually are or how to manage existing LR mobile setups. I must have borked something early on and not realized it. At any rate I'm now super confused about how this is SUPPOSED to work or what the right workflow should be. I don't want to create more collections and








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