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May 27, 2020

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I considering to switch to adobe cloud (currently Apple cloud and google are used).

My main concerns are quality (files kept as is in the cloud) / speed (upload / download) , managment (mainly organization) and cross platform support as Android TV and apple devices (mac, iphone and Apple TV).


The "problems" I saw till now:

1. Afte uploading few videos to the adobe cloud via Lightroom (not classic) all devices are synced including Apple TV but Apple TV 85% of the times is playing the video of most of the video in a lower quality. As I saw there is no staticies but it is medium - low resolution. The resolution is not consistent.

The orginal videos are 4K 30 or 60 FPS.

Is there any way to download by demend or manually upon view (upon play)? Apple dose it nicly it waits a few moments until it start play and then video is fully  working smooth and has quality and of-course consistent. 


2. Face recognition works only on photos? what about videos? 


3. Lightroom Document & Data is 2.28GB for 1000 photos and some video. While entire libary over 15K photos and 2.5K videos takes 3.43GB. Anyone can share storage consumption how much storage is usally consumed and how well the proxy photos / video is?


4. Lightroom or Lightroom classic what can't be done in Lightroom today? or what is done better in Lightroom classic (except editing) 


5. Apple automatic "memorie"s and google "For you" will need to be done manualy? It it nice. Any idea if adobe has some kind of app or feature to make those? 


6. Watch photos and videos via Android TV?



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