Eternal Lightroom Nightmare

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Jun 22, 2020

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Dear Adobe,

 I know this is a community forum, but you know, I hoped you might be hiding out here somewhere. I have been trying to get some fairly critical issues related to lightroom resolved for close to 2 months now.


Each time I try, I have to type out everything that has happened and I’m just sick of that. Are you aware that repeatedly explaining a traumatic incident actually re-traumatises a person?


Each time my ticket is closed – for what purpose other than making it appear that you are resolving tickets when you are actually not? And I must point out this is not a criticism of your support staff but of your processes.


It seems you are behaving like a bad government, making it very difficult to access assistance, so difficult that people just give up and when you close their tickets it might appear that you’ve solved a problem – but you haven’t really, you’ve just sent some unfortunate person somewhere to an eternal screaming hell. Other companies keep the thread in an email and don’t close the ticket until both you and they are satisfied that the issue has actually been resolved – why don’t you do this?


Once again, I am going to have to leave my computer on all night so that I can download my images that you have in your cloud. I can’t just access these images in the normal way – you know, just plug the device in and Bob’s your uncle. No, first, one of my ‘devices’ must send these images to you, then, another of my devices will go and retrieve the many GB I have sent overnight and this will take another night or more – this means that I have to use an antiquated limited data facility (in Australia) to both send and then again to receive my images, when really a more appropriate model would be to just allow the devices to communicate with each other… but no.


Then the mobile device – the cache will never clear. Syncing never happens. The only time it will work is if I delete the lightroom mobile app and start again, then it will work – once.


But, the lightroom desktop application, holy crap! This, I will be uninstalling after I’ve spent my nights downloading, then uploading, then downloading again. After spending eons deleting images on the lightroom web application, confident that when I opened the lightroom desktop application that it would reflect the content of the web application, it decided to claim there were many more thousand images than what there should be and began an eternal paralysing sync. Once again, it grabbed all of the images from my phone’s camera roll – from where – it had all been deleted? Once again I had over 2000 images and there should have been fewer than 300.


Well, back to the phone, and suddenly the camera roll was once again showing in the lightroom mobile app and there were 1000s of images – again – and a 6GB cache that refused to clear despite multiple attempts, overnight even.


And the web application, once again, bloated, unwieldy, yet the only way to resolve this was to delete images from one single month as I knew that these had already been downloaded via the lightroom downloader; however, for the following month it seemed there was not even a file name or photograph date to simplify the download task – perhaps reduce a few GBs, just no… and perhaps I missed something somewhere, a simple setting but my brain had had enough of signing in and signing out and the sea of images.


And the false hopes… apparently there was a possibility of an app that would communicate between the mobile and a desktop device, but sadly I have yet to find one that is capable of locating the adobe proprietary .DNG files and I can’t find a way to make the app save in RAW format instead – if that’s possible.


You have probably heard me screaming and wailing from wherever it is that you live, sometimes I hope to have woken you up and prevented a peaceful sleep but it is not nice to wish bad things for other people.


Unbelievably, I pay for this service…


How can or will you help me Mr & Mrs Adobe? And what’s your email address, how can I contact you without having to do so via chat which means that I have to sit there for however long it takes when I’ve already been sitting and screaming for far too long and my devices are churning and churning for nights and weeks on end, my phone is now near capacity so I can’t update it or anything – before lightroom it was at less than 50%. So, before I can update the phone OS (update came in a week ago) and even the lightroom mobile app perhaps, I have to download the images, then try to sync the phone so that I don’t lose those images that have yet to be rescued via the downloader. My head close to exploding. Apart from the phone OS, my devices are up to date and certainly compliant with requirements.


This has taken me 30 minutes to write and the download has progressed to 6%.


Where are you adobe? Why does this happen? Even on your contact customer care page there is nowhere to actually do this other than a chat box or a link to a community forum. Why?

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