Exporting raw files on iPad pro

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Oct 03, 2020 Oct 03, 2020

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I'm sure this has been discussed but most discussions I've found are asking how to export raw file "with" edits. I am simply trying to save my raw files to an external hard drive after editing and exporting jpgs for future use. 

im not sure if it's an apple thing or a Lightroom thing, but I cannot seem to figure this out. When I've tried before, I've exported both from Lightroom and by using the "Files." 

When I export "Original" raw files in Lightroom, I get no status indicator letting me know where in the process it is and it will go for hours and hours with no idea if it's complete or not. Then if I click out of the dialog box and look on the HD, sometimes there's nothing there, other times there are some, but not all of the raw files.


When I use "Files" to move the raw files directly to the HD, the same issue happens. If it moves any at all, it will not move all of the raw files. 

Typically I'm adding around 2K raw files, editing them and exporting as jpgs. That is all fine. Exporting the raw files for future use to make room for another 2K pictures is the issue. 

Ive heard something about IPads not supporting external hard drives etc. is that really the case? If so, the iPad is useless as a mobile editing tool. 

Any advice would be great! 

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