How do I delete files from the cloud after sync to Lightroom CLassic CC?

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Jul 29, 2020

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Hello everybody,

I use the Lightroom mobile App on an Android phone and an iPad to automatically sync photos or videos taken with the phone or iPad to Lightroom Classic. I also sync collections from Lightroom Classic to Lightroom Mobile (as smart previews) in order to perform parts of my workflow on the phone or the iPad (flag/reject, rate).


Now here is what happened: I synced a lot of videos from the iPad to Lightroom Classic on my Laptop. I understand that the videos are locally saved on my laptop and also in the cloud. Within Lightroom Classic I move the videos from the download folder to where I normally save my videos. Lightroom Classic does not show these videos in the Folder "imported from iPad" any more. In the Lightroom Mobile app I can still see the videos in the "All photos" folder though (but not in any other). My "All Photos" folder shows an amount of files (e.g. 3085) while adding all other folders results in a lower number of photos.


The questions are:

1) is there any way to see all the original files that are in the cloud in an explorer?

2) what is the best way to delete/remove files from the cloud once they are synced from mobile to classic? I would prefer to use the mobile app only as a data mover to classic, sync smart previews from classic to mobile and actually work only with smart previews.


Besides, I have a delta between files that I have marked as to be synced and actually synced, where I don't know the reason. Anybody has an idea?


Hope anybody can help me.




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