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Aug 24, 2018 Aug 24, 2018

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I think this seems to be a limitation with Lightroom mobile, but I am wondering if anyone can figure out how to get video out of Lightroom Mobile and into clip.    What I mean by this is I may go out and take 100 pictures and 20 video clips, and I upload them into LR Mobile (either on the iPad or through Creative Cloud).   But when I go to either export these files from LR Mobile to Clips, or import them into a project in Clips, the videos are grayed out and will not let me.   I can import videos from the Camera roll, which makes me think it is LR.......

That said, this may be a topic more for the LR Mobile community as I can add video clips from the camera roll into LR Mobile.    But if I try to save the videos from LR Mobile to the camera roll, or even files, it will not let me do it.  It grays out the videos as soon as I say "Save to Camera"   It almost seems like Adobe has made a conscience effort to not allow you to do this, which is almost insane to me as I can import one from the camera roll, but then when I try to export the exact same video, I can't.

So, anyone know if there is a way around this?








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