iPad Pro Crashing on initial Sync

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May 13, 2018

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I Have an iPad Pro 10.6” running iOS 11.3.1 that I purchased today for my way (Mother‘s Day) Unfortunately I’m having problems getting it to sync with Lightroom CC.  It logs and authenticates fine.  However the app will only run for about 30-45 seconds and that crash.  It never syncs any photos down to the device.  I’ve made sure I’ve got the latest version of iOS.  Of uninstalled and reinstalled the app, i’ve Rebooted the iPad.  I’ve Signed out and signed back into the app all with the same results.  The app crashes/shuts down after 30 seconds even if I hit pause syncing.  It never gets any data stored locally so purging the cache isn’t even an option.  It will show my album structure so it is communicating some information from the cloud.    Anyone have any ideas on what else I can try?  Would really like my wife to have access to all our family photos on her iPad.







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