Lightroom and the Quest for Unity (PC, Android, iOS)

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Nov 13, 2019

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I've been working with Lightroom for quite a while now and I'm currently subscribed to the Lightroom Abo as it's the best bang for the buck.


Overall, Lightroom is a pretty neat application and it gives me the tools I need to process my pictures, expecially having my pictures backed up in the cloud and be able to work on them on the go..




... why doesn't Lightroom provide the same features on all platforms?


I mean, yes I understand that performance has to differ from platform to platform... thats a no-brainer


But why does the set of features have to differ on each platform? And I'm not talking about features that might be impacted by input methods (Mouse and keyboard vs. Touch)...


Here are some examples:


- EXIF data on Thumbnails: iOS and PC have it, Android does not. On iOS you can two-finger tab on the thumbnails and it gives you different infos on the files... but it doesn't work on Android.

- Lens correction options: on PC, you can chose the lens and even fine tune the CA values via slider ... which is perfect! ... on Android at least you can still chose the lens, but no CA sliders ... on iOS you can't even chose the lens... does it apply the correct profile?... who knows


There's probably more examples but the features I listed are the ones that I find really useful and miss the most on the platform which doesn't provide them.


Understandably, Lightroom cannot have the same look and feel on any given platform due to the different input methods ... but at least having the same set of features would be appreciated.


It would really be awesome if someone would take a look at all the different Lightroom versions and try to unite them into one coherrent experience (featurewise).




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