Lightroom is suddenly importing photos that I don't want it to.

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Apr 23, 2018

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My Lightroom seems to be suddenly adding all my iPhone photos from Photos without me asking it to.

Means it's duplicating the files from photos. Which it shares a drive with. Dumb duplication I don't want.

Seems to just be the photos that I've added in the last few months. And possibly just the ones taken with my iPhone (as opposed to my SLR). Could be something to do with having the App on my iPhone?

Really don't want it doing that. I can't have two 500gig folders of photos. And don't like when I don't have 100% idea of where everything is.

At the same time, when using Lightroom as a camera on the iPhone it doesn't save the photos to the normal photo library. So this creates another problem of not knowing which photos have and have not been imported to Photos. I don't like when my photo management has multiple streams. Too easy to lose things.

Any idea what is going on here?

I can't see anything useful in Lightroom's prefrences.







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