Lightroom Mobile Camera Not Working on my Galaxy S5

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Feb 24, 2018

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I've installed the Lightroom Mobile (LRM) app on my Galaxy S5 phone. When I try to use the LRM camera I get a message saying that there's a screen overlay. It leads me to settings. There 've been into apps and system apps followed instructions to try and remove the screen overlay. That hasn't been successful.  Neither has my chat on the Adobe support line. I've searched and I've tried a variety of solutions. I think maybe a visit to a Samsung store.

Your help and ideas to get the camera working would certainly be appreciated.

I went to a Lightroom course last weekend and learnt so much. I saw Lightroom Mobile in use and I thought this would a great addition to have on the phones of my wife and myself. I have the Adobe all apps subscription on my desktop PC.

I installed the LRM app on my four years old Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Interestingly I can import photos however the LRM camera icon is not to be seen. That's a problem for discussion at another time. Getting LRM working on my wife's Samsung Galaxy S5 is my priority.

Thank. John







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