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Apr 30, 2020

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I'm quite new with Lightroom, but hopefully someone can help me out.


Here are the steps I did:

1. I saved a .dng (raw) preset file from an third-party app like Koloro (for example "Insta Style 01.dng")

2. In the third-party app i can add my (example) non raw picture and preview (and save) it with the preset I took. This looks good and I like it (see attachment "Preset_InstaStyle01_Koloro.jpg") .

3. I open Lightroom mobile app and imported the .dng file and copied the settings of it.

4. In the Lightroom app I imported my non raw picture and saved the copied settings I took before of the preset (.dng)(see attachment "Preset_InstaStyle01_Ligthroom.jpeg") ..

5. When I saved or see the preview of the picture with the preset settings, it looks very different than what I saw on the third-party app.


This happends with mostly every .dng file I installed..


My questions, how does this difference occur? Is there a possible way to make it even?

For it will cost me a lot of time with selecting presets. It's not efficient when i'm looking for presets by knowing it may not be the same preview as in the Lightroom app.


Additional information:

Lightroom Mobile version 5.2.2

Koloro version 2.9.5

Android 9


Big thanks if you can help me towards the right direction. Looking forward to your replies.




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