Lightroom "Downloading" Synced Photos on Second PC In Order to Edit

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Aug 18, 2020

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I import photos to Lightroom (not Classic), and the photos sync w/another PC in my house that has a faster internet connection than the PC I import to. Sometimes I run over to the "faster" PC to perform photo merge tasks, which seem to take forever on the PC where I have done the initial import. When I go to the second PC to perform a photo merge, and select my photos, the first thing I see is "downloading," and that takes like a minute or two, which sort of defeats the purpose of using this PC for a faster response. If I were to do this on the PC where initially imported the photos, I would NOT get "downloading."  I don't understand this - is it downloading from the cloud? And if so, is there a way, then, for me to "download" these photos from the cloud "en masse" as soon as they sync with this second PC, so that if I want to use that PC, I can quickly start editing rather than waiting for the photos to download? Please understand that I'm not talking here about downloading to my hard drive. I know how to export, and I'm not talking about that here. I know I wouldn't have this problem if the PC I chose to import to had a strong wifi connection, but that's another story. 🙂 Thanks for any info you can share.

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