LrC can't locate original files for mobile photos shot on phone

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Aug 08, 2020 Aug 08, 2020

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My mobile photos got disconnected from Lightroom Classic, and I can't get them reconnected. The Mobile Downloads .lrdata file got corrupted maybe? I think i might have moved it, and then tried to reconnect the folder of missing photos to the wrong folder. Since then, the photos still show up on my phone and I can edit the originals there and on the web, however in Lightroom Classic the thumbnails show up, but when I go to the Develop module, it can't locate the original. I tried copying a few pics to a different, new synced folder on the web, and it'll show up in LrC, but it still can't find the originals.  I tried Syncronizing, also tried specifiing a new folder location, but you can't select the .lrdatta file that way. Also tried the "set as download location..." option, to no avail. 


Best/only solution I could come up with so far, is to download the originals from the web individually (can't figure out how to batch download on there), then reconnect locally. Seems like a huge pain, there's gotta be a way to reconnect everything or recreate that data file so it'll download all the oroginals? 








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