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Aug 01, 2020

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I'm trying to edit a photo on an iPad and apply a mask/selective edit on my photo in the upper left corner.


To do so, I need to zoom in to the corner to see the area on which the mask will be applied. However, the problem is that the brush tools cover this area of the photo and it doesn't seem possible to move the brush toolbar out of the way. I also can't move the photo to the right so that I get a little black space to the left of the photo so that I can draw underneath the brush toolbar.


Another problem is that even if I start drawing in a mask, if I draw the mask too close to the left edge of the photo, the toolbar activates and the brush size changes or the feathering amount changes instead of continuing to draw on the photo.


This wouldn't be a problem if either the toolbar was moveable or if I could move the photo to the right so that I have blank space on the left for the toolbar to be.


Anyone else have this problem, or have I missed some setting that would fix my problem?

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