Max number of files you can import at once?

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Oct 25, 2020

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What is the maximum number of files you can import into in a single drag-and-drop (on the Mac if it matters) ?

  • I was able to do 496 and 504, but not 590
  • I am using
    • under Safair on Mac
    • Lightroom Mobile on iPad


Additional info:

  • Whenever I drag any number of files over (from Photos on Mac to in Safari), there is a delay before the status bar (with the percent complete) at the top right shows up.
    • When I drag over 8 files it may take 5-15 seconds before ithe status bar shows up.
    • When I drag over ~504 files it takes 2-4 minutes before the status bar shows up.
    • When I drug over 590 files the status bar never showed up (and the photos did not get copied.)  I have tried at least 5 times, with varying number of files at/over 590 and never got it to work. I have given it several hours a few times to see if it ever starts, but no luck with that many files at once. (Working to find the break point which for me seems to be somewhere between 504 and 590)
  • As for why I don’t drag an entire folder... I have 80k+ pictures that I want to copy over. They are dived into albums by year. The smallest album is over 1k photos. When I have tried to drag an entire album it does not work.
  • All that testing was done on a Mac I have tried a subset of this on an iPad Pro, and have similar issues when I try to drag over a large number of files. Also, when it does work, importing from the iPad seems a bit slower (perhaps due to WiFi)
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