My BBQ never looked so... KOREAN?!

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Jun 09, 2020 Jun 09, 2020

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Quarantine got us craving Korean BBQ. We've been missing all the cuts of juicy bulgogi, brisket, pork belly, and not to mention the all so delicious steamed egg ? God bless our Korean brothas and sistahs! 


We made a quick and safe trip to our local Hmart to stock up for our Korean feast. And of course, with a big feast spread out, I had to snap a few shots for the 'gram. Here's all you need to have the best Korean BBQ feast and deliciously edited foodie photos from the comfort of your home. 


Equipment: Portable / electric grill

Banchan: seasoned soybean, spicy cucumber salad, stir-fried zucchini and or cucumber, rice paper or rice, kimchi, and Korean pancake

Meat: bulgogi, a sliced eye of round or chuck (brisket meat), shrimp, and/or pork belly 

Veggies: minced garlic, onions, lettuce greens (to wrap meat in) 

Ssauce: soy/garlic mixture, sesame oil + salt 


Next, we spread out our Korean BBQ feast for the grill, and I was ready to capture the moment! 


When I am shooting food, I'm personally more concerned about taking quick pictures so that I can eat the food hot. Priorities! "I like my food cold" isn't something I frequently say, if not, at all. (We're not counting ice cream and cold soup to this comment.) Like a lot of people, I'm not a food photographer that can afford to make food just for the pics--I certainly don't have the budget for that! 


I like to give the food the respect it deserves, which means eating it at the temperature it was served in, but I totally want to snap a few pics for the gram before I dig in! I love using Lightroom Mobile for my food shots because it allows me to take quick, fantastic shots that I can edit and post right from my phone.


Plus, I have so much control over all my photos. Who knew you could edit the shadows in your picture, sharpen details, eliminate colors, and make your own "presets" (more on this later) from the comfort and ease of your phone. 


Anyway, back to Memorial Day and how to snap some juicy BBQ photos in a few simple steps! Here's my beginners step-by-step guide to editing in Lightroom Mobile:


1) Take a few appetizing photos. You can use your phone's camera app and import them into Lightroom Mobile OR you can snap RAW images from Lightroom Mobile's Camera. It only takes a few seconds to drastically improve the image lighting and colors with just a few clicks in Lightroom. 


2) I like to play with light in pictures. Light is a big deal when it comes to photographs--especially with food photos. In the Light settings, I play with exposure, contrast, and shadows until I achieve the look I am going for. Personally, I usually like to make my photos light and slightly increase the contrast to bring out the details in my food. 


I think the best way to learn what you're doing is by doing, so play around with the switches, see how it affects the photo, and adjust from there. 


3) Once you have all the lighting done, look at the food, and ask yourself: What are the colors I want to make "pop?" In my example Korean BBQ example, I wanted the greens of the veggies, the redness of the meat and grill, and some of the browns on the side to really come off the page and attract the viewer's attention. I really love how Lightroom allows you to manipulate colors like a wizard! (Hufflepuffs baby!!) 




Play around with the color swatches to see how it affects your image. However, unless you're going for a magenta theme, don't go too crazy on colors. Just light touches here and there for the colors you want to pop, pop, pop! 


4) I like to add texture and sharpening. Play with these settings as they add depth to your pictures. You can find these in the effect and details tab. If you really want to draw in your viewer's eye, you can use the selective circular tool to specifically draw in where you'd like to amp up the texture.


5) Lastly, if it's not on social, it didn't happen! Hit the share icon in the upper-righthand corner and select "share to" to post directly on all of your social feeds. En voilá! You have yourself a sweeter version of your old photo! 

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