New computer - trying to transfer mobile sync from old to new

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Apr 24, 2018

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Hi all - just got a new computer and installed LR Classic CC to new machine, so now I have it on the old and the new. I had several collections on the old computer that I synced with the LR Mobile app. After installing on the new computer I set up a single collection and tuned sync on and got the message that only one catalog could be synced. I thought I answered the dialog box so that the collections on the new machine would be synced but then it looked like it was syncing all the photos from the old catalog. Basically nothing has changed when I run the mobile app - I see all the original pics from all the collections from the old computer.

How can I just get rid of all the old and just start syncing from the new computer? I have searched the forums and documentation but have found nothing that looked like the answer nor have I found the solution.

Thank you for the help!







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