Photos fail to import. Persistent problem since the beginning.

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Oct 31, 2020

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Android Lightroom mobile, Samsung Galaxy 10+. Latest versions of everything, although this has been a problem with LR Mobile for years.


Take photos with the phone app, or even with the LR camera app. Without fail, some percentage, usually around 30%, of the photos will fail to import. If I go in and manually select all the photos I just took, and try to import again, again about 30% of the *remaining* non-imported photos will fail, but 70% of the initially failed photos will import. If I do this enough times, eventually all the photos make it in.


What is going on here? Also, since LR Mobile's previews only show about 10% of my library's photos (because of performance??), I'm not sure what actually failed, so I need to select the entire set of photos I just took each time to make sure I catch them all. PITA to be honest.

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