Please Help! How to merge Lightroom CC synced files with Lightroom Classic file structure on HD?

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Apr 17, 2018

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Hello there,

i have just returned from a holiday and like to import all raw and jpg files from my camera's SD Card into Lightroom Classic as i used to do it in the past.

Unfortunately this time i have been experimenting with Lightroom CC mobile on my iPad for raw files as well as iPhone for jpg files.

Those edited files came to my ipad by using the SD to ipad adapter and to the iphone by sending jpg files over wifi from my mirrorless to the iphone.

Now when i try to import the images from the SD card it refuses to import "duplicate files" since some images are already present in the synced folders from my iPhone and iPad by "lightroom cc".

The thing is i usually rename the files and even tag them a little when importing from SD card straight to my HDD via lightroom classic.

I tried to rename some files which are located in the synced folders and then drag and drop them to the folder which represents my physical location of my harddisk in lightroom classic but getting some errors here.

Another issue i don't like to import every jpg snapshot i did with my iphone but only the files which originated from my mirrorless.

It' a real mess, only way to solve this i could think of would be delete every file in the ipad / iphone synced folders and just import all original files from SD to lightroom classic, but then what is the advantage of lightroom cc since i would loose every editing i did on my ios devices.

Sorry for the long question and explanation, i would be happy if someone has figured out a proper workflow when using cc on the go and classic back home.







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