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Mar 30, 2018 Mar 30, 2018

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Having used lightroom mobile with my canon 80d for over a year i am suddenly having problems. The first occurred last weekend when I discovered that lightroom had auto imported all my camera roll into Lightroom. ( I had not touched any settings and it had not done this previously) I managed to solve this by finding the auto import setting and unchecking it. I then had to remove individually 3000 photos it has synced to my laptop that I did not want on it ( one day wasted!) now it seems that all the remaining photos on my iPad and laptop have all been converted to jpegs and all the metadata has been wiped. No camera info, lens info etc.... I have tried to work out where this is going wrong with a trial photo. I took an image on the 80d used the canon camera connect app to import it to my iPad Pro. It appears in my camera roll as a raw file but when imported to lightroom mobile it appears as a jpeg and without any camera or lens meta data! I realise that there have been threads about this issue where people shoot raw and jpg but loose the raw files. I don't shoot both I only shoot raw and an gutted that I have over 2000 files from over 2 years  that have lost all meat data. Is there a setting I am missing that is telling lightroom to convert to jpg and wipe meta data on import. Has anyone else had these problems or can help with a solution? Up until now my workflow with camera connect and lightroom has been seemless - however unless I can solve this problem quickly I will have to stop using mobile.  Thank you in anticipation!








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