Question about Auto Add from Camera Roll

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Apr 18, 2020

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I use the Auto Add from Camera Roll functionality of Lightroom Mobile on my iPad and iPhone, it works well. I have Lightroom Classic setup to store these images by date therefore i can see all these images in Lightroom Classic.


My question relates about why in some cases I get duplicate images in Lightroom and at other times I do not.  Once an image is added as a duplicate I have two images in LR Mobile with the same image name but in LR Classic one of the pair is usually Copy 1.  


It seems that if I am active in LR Mobile on my iPhone and iPad at about the same time I get two copies but if I am just using one or the other I only get one.  There is some intelligence in the syncronisation process but it only seems to work if the two devices are not trying to syncronise at about the same time.


The obvious answer to my question is to not have Auto Add from Camera Roll enabled on two devices, my iPad and iPhone, but I was wondering if there is a better or different way to solve this problem.


Thank you for yyour help




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