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Feb 19, 2020 Feb 19, 2020

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Use People View to find photos of a specific person 

Have you ever looked for that one special photo of a particular person that you know you have but can't seem to find, no matter how hard you look? Most of us have found ourselves in this situation at some point in time, and it is quite frustrating. 


Lightroom for mobile has solved this issue with the People View feature. This feature, available on both iOS and Android, recognizes people's faces and collects photos of the same person together into a "people cluster" for easy locating and viewing. The clusters can be named to appropriately identify each person, and also can be hidden or merged as desired. Here are instructions for using the People View feature on an iOS device. For similar instructions on an Android device, please scroll to the bottom for additional links.



❶ First, ensure that People View is enabled


  • Go to the Settings menu by tapping the Settings icon (the gear icon) at the upper-right corner of the screen in the Albums view or tap the three-dots icon at the upper-right corner of the screen from the Grid view or Loupe view

  • Select Settings from the menu choices.


  • Choose People View from the available Settings options





  • If it is not already on, tap the toggle to enable People View





❷ Navigate to People View

  • Tap the album icon (it looks like a group of books) at the upper-left corner of the app window to open the Albums View


People_view library IOS.jpg



  • From the albums view,  click on the "<" to open the selection list if it is closed. This will allow you to see options other than All Photos.


People_view library IOS pulldown closed.jpg



  • Now, select People from the available options to navigate to the People View


People_view IOS.png



  • You will see clusters of people who have been identified


People iOS no names.jpg



❸ Show and hide people

  • If people appear in your list that you would like to remove, tap the three-dots icon at the upper-right corner of the screen and choose Show and Hide People from the options
  • Uncheck the box next to any people you do not want visible in your People View
  • Tap the checkmark to confirm your changes


❹ Assign names to people

  • Tap on one of the people you want to name, and then tap on "Add Name"
  • Enter the name of the person and click on "OK"
  • Repeat this for all of the people you want to assign names to
  • You can rename a person at any time by tapping on their name and entering a new one


People2 IOS.png




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