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Jul 20, 2017

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The one thing holding LR Mobile back from being a truly equivalent desktop class editor, at least in my workflow, is the exclusion of third party apps and filters.  There should be some sort of open protocol similar to how Apple photos handled third party apps.  For example, in LR Mobile it would be great if I could "open image in" or "export to" VSCO, the VSCO app slides up, I further edit the image there, hit close or save.

The key is those changes need to apply to the original raw file back on my main computer.

As it stands now I have to export a separate image in who knows what resolution, as a jpeg, to my apple photos library.  This is unworkable because a) I don't want a jpeg.  I need the changes on the OG raw file and B) it turns into a cross platform file management nightmare that renders the whole endeavor useless.

If adobe could manage this (and clean up the UI disaster of the new release) this would represent a paradigm shift in desktop v/ mobile. 







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