What is the correct workflow for importing raw files from LR Mobile to desktop LR?

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Jun 12, 2017 Jun 12, 2017

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What is the correct workflow for raw images obtained using Lightroom (LR) Mobile with an iPhone 7 plus? I have had difficulty figuring this out because images captured by my iPhone are synced directly to LR on my desktop Macbook Pro.  I do not have direct access to those images on my iPhone since they are only synced and do not appear elsewhere on my iPhone, e.g., in my Camera Roll.  On my desktop, these photos are stored in a hidden folder, Pictures/Lightroom/Mobile Downloads.Irdata.  Images in that location cannot readily be accessed from within LR, and, therefore, do not go through the normal INPUT SEQUENCE available to images present elsewhere, e.g., in a camera card or on the desktop.   I eventually ended up syncing over 300 raw images from my iPhone to my desktop LR.  These images occupied 6.9 GB on my iPhone.  I realized that I had to do something or else the memory on my iPhone would eventually be totally consumed by raw images.  I then devised the following procedure:  I went to the hidden folder on my desktop and copied all 300 plus files to my external hard drive.  (My intention was to eventually INPUT these images through the standard LR process.) Then I REJECTED all 300 plus files from within my LR desktop, realizing that syncing would remove those files from my iPhone.  And, sure enough, all the files disappeared from my iPhone!  However, a quick check showed that LR sill occupied 6.9 GB on my iPhone, even after I rebooted my iPhone.  I did not expect to see that.  Obviously, those 300 plus raw images were still on my iPhone, but I had no access to them.  My only option was to delete LR Mobile and reinstall it.  That worked.  There must be a better, more efficient, way to do this.  I look forward to learning from your response(s).







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