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Nov 04, 2019

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Hello, Fellow Creatives!


I am thrilled to be writing to you from the experience pavilion of Adobe MAX! Over 20,000 of your fellow creatives have joined Adobe in LA to see and experience the next generation of innovation that will be sure to inspire. Whether you’re in LA at MAX or are joining us virtually from around the globe, I cannot wait to share with you the new user experience and tools in some of your favorite photography and digital imaging apps and to see the magic you will make your next creative endeavors! 


This year, we had three big focuses at Adobe:


➊ We wanted to enable our creative community to Create Anywhere, Anytime, with Anyone. Creativity shouldn’t be confined to a desktop because inspiration can come from anywhere.


➋ We want to inspire our creatives to Explore New Frontiers. Creativity is all about trying something new, whether that’s creating in a new medium like augmented reality or learning a new technique in Photoshop.


➌ Lastly, we heard our user community and the need for Faster, More Powerful, and More Reliable Tools. I’m like you. I expect my creative tools to be quick, super-reliable, and to make my work easier. My colleagues have committed to meeting – and exceeding – those expectations. Our product engineers have unveiled several performance boosters and bug fixes, as well as some next-level innovations powered by Adobe Sensei, our artificial intelligence engine. Sensei can take over mundane and repetitive tasks, leaving you more time to create.


Check out some of the new features highlighted below—explore familiar apps as well as new ones and share with me your new creations below!



Photoshop on iPad: Can you imagine the power and versatility of 30 years of Photoshop development reimagined for the on-the-go, touch-based experience of the iPad? As a long-time Photoshop user, it took me a minute to explore the new workspace, but I am so excited about this excellent companion app to Photoshop Desktop. Photoshop on the iPad focuses on core compositing, basic retouching, and masking—you can open and edit full PSD files on the iPad. While this first iteration doesn’t do everything I can do with the Desktop, I love the fact that I can create while I sit at the park or the coffee shop down the street.


photoshop on the ipad.png



For a limited time in celebration of the launch of Photoshop on iPad, all Creative Cloud Plans that currently have Photoshop Desktop as well as anyone who purchases a new Creative Cloud Plan with Photoshop Desktop will receive Photoshop on the iPad as part of their plan. Don’t wait to download Photoshop on the iPad because prices will go up after January 2020.


Check out how to get started with the new Photoshop on the iPad with this easy Make It! Create an Animal Doodle Sketch by our Photoshop on the iPad Community Expert, Pattie.


You can also learn about all of the new features for Photoshop on the iPad by clicking here.



Photoshop Camera: As a photographer, I am a bit in awe and slightly jealous of how marvelous the new Photoshop Camera is! Imagine the limitless imagination and power of Photoshop but in a camera app on your phone. In real-time, you can transform the landscape in front of you to a perfect sunset, life on Mars, or an epic studio-grade lit portrait. And if you’re a foodie, you’ll never use another camera again to capture your brunch IG shots! Click here to learn more or to request early access. 


photoshop camera shots.jpg










Dimension: A new lighting system has been added to Dimension to create your custom studio setup with Directional lights to get the exact look you want in your scenes. You can now also export your Dimension project directly into Aero to create augmented realities that are out of this world. Learn more about all the new features at: https://helpx.adobe.com/dimension/using/whats-new.html



Lightroom: There are so many cool new features to Lightroom that enable photographers to spend less time editing and more time creating. I know I have been having a blast trying out all of the new tools!


Fill Edges will automatically fill uneven edges of your panorama/HDR panorama images, and the new export feature will allow you to control format settings, quality, and naming better. The supported cameras and lens profiles list have also been expanded to help you maximize your creativity.


Lastly, we’ve launched interactive, step-by-step tutorials from master photographers in Lightroom. Check out how to get started in three easy steps by our Lightroom Community Manager, Carissa. 


You can also learn what else is new for Lightroom by clicking here. 



Photoshop Desktop: There are so many new features that will help you take your creativity to the next level—I cannot wait to see what you will create! The new cloud documents will enable you to work anytime, anywhere, seamlessly across your devices. Being untethered from my desk is a dream come true, and I know many of you feel the same way too!


Photoshop Desktop1.png



We’ve also heard from you that presets are becoming more and more critical to your workflows. Check out all of the new swatches, gradients, patterns, shapes, and styles in a new, more intuitive interface that is easier to use and organize.


Photoshop 2.png


I am most excited about the new Object Selection tool feature. We’re using Adobe Sensei to help perform chores that suck uptime. Object Selection tool will help you automatically remove the background of an image, making compositing even faster. 




➔ Send me your most surreal composites using this new tool, and I’ll pick one to feature on our Adobe channels!


Check out how to get started with the new Photoshop features with this Make It! Out of Bounds Tutorial by our Photoshop Community Manager, Pete


You can also learn about all of the new features for Photoshop 2020 by clicking here: https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/whats-new.html



Lightroom Classic: Just like Lightroom, Lightroom Classic has new features that will enable you to spend less time editing and more time creating. The new Fill Edges option will automatically fill uneven edges of your panorama/HDR panorama images.  Lastly, the new Multi-Batch Export tool will allow you to automate your workflow by exporting your photos in presets to your hard drive.


Check out how to get started with this easy tutorial by our Lightroom Community Manager, Carissa


You can also learn about all of the new features for Lightroom Classic 9.0 by clicking here.  https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom-classic/help/whats-new.html



Lastly, I want to introduce you to the Community Partners on my team. They are amazing and available to answer your questions regarding Adobe apps within the Photography and Digital Imagery space.



Community Manager, Pete Green, started with Photoshop 5.5 back in ’99 to edit 3d game texture files.

In the social community, he loves sharing creative tips and tricks amassed in over 13 years working with various digital imaging teams at Adobe.





Aside from his passion for all-things digital imaging, Pete is an avid follower of technology, PC gamer, dad to two dogs (Peach and Oatmeal), champion swing dancer, and certified Posture Release Imagery teacher.


As always, he looks forward to helping the Digital Imaging community grow.

Feel free to ask for help or reach out and say hi!


TW: https://twitter.com/_petegreen
IG: https://www.instagram.com/swingpete/
YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/radar/videos


Community manager,
Carissa Massongill (aka Careeeesa),
was introduced to Lightroom back in 2009 while working in a portrait studio. Photography started as a hobby and a way for her to document her life. It wasn’t until her family purchased their first Leo scanner & Packard Bell computer that things started to get serious. 
Photoshop was the catalyst that turned Carissa's hobby into a career.


In her off-hours you’ll find Carissa playing video games with her husband, taking/editing photos in Lightroom, making Japanese curry, and day-dreaming of one day befriending a Shoebill. Though, according to her husband, they might not be able to fit a Shoebill their 600 sq ft apartment.
Carissa is looking forward to working with every one of you and seeing all the fantastic imagery you create!
Feel free to ask for help or reach out and say hi!


Community Manager, Pattie Foxhoven, has worked in several groups at Adobe since 2012, but has been using the products since the early ‘90s. Although her formal education is in computer science, Pattie is passionate about traditional and digital painting as well as photography. She enjoys working with Adobe software and interfacing with the digital imaging community.


pattie profile1.JPG



TW  @pixelpattie

IG @pattiefoxhovenart, 

FB  “Pattie Foxhoven Watercolors and more”  @PattieFoxhovenWatercolors 



As the Sr Manager, CX Photography and Digital Imagery,
you can always reach out to me, Rebecca Woiteshek, with any questions, shout outs, or to show me your latest photography and digital imagery creations.





I am always looking for members of our community to highlight on the forums and across our Adobe Channels! Feel free to email me at rebecca@adobe.com or to #makeit #cxphoto on your social media posts. 

IG: instagram.com/rebeccakellyw/

FB: facebook.com/rebeccakellyphotography/

TW: twitter.com/rebeccakellyw

Website rebeccakelly.org





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