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Jan 02, 2018 Jan 02, 2018

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So, I had a few portraits that needed some light retouching and time on my hands, so I figured I'd give the Lightroom CC/Mobile to Photoshop Fix workflow a shot.

I was hoping I'd be able to select multiple shots and send them over to Fix for editing, but it looks like it has to be one-by-one. I send the first shot over, ignoring the "Liquify in Photoshop Fix" bit for now because Fix made a point of letting me know about the new, awesome skin smoothing tool when I started it up, so I should be able to access it via "Edit in..." in Lightroom, right? Nope, only Liquify and Healing Brush - no way to access the skin smoothing tool directly from within Lightroom.

OK, fine, I'll go a different route - I know I can access my Lightroom images from Creative Cloud from within Fix, so off I go. I get to the relevant Collection and discover that there is NO WAY to filter the Collection by picks/flags, or even see the filenames (the same applies to the Creative Cloud app)! Get over that hurdle and find the first photo I want to touch up, do the necessary work on it (the tools actually do work really well), and find the way to save back to Lightroom. However, it saves to a new "Photoshop Fix" Collection, with no ability to pick a Collection to save to. Once it's saved to a Collection, though, I can move it within Lightroom.

So, I was eventually able to get the job done, but the hurdles along the way were crazy - serious work and thought needs to be given to making this workflow much, much better. Why the new skin smoothing tools were added to Fix without a corresponding ability to call them from within Lightroom is beyond me - I'm sure they'll probably appear eventually, but the whole process just feels like beating your head against a wall, and it didn't help that the other ways to get to the tools involved wading through entire shoots without so much as filenames to help me out (let alone basic filtering by criteria).

C'mon, Adobe - you have all the pieces and the individual tools are making progress. They just need to work together in a way that feels like the same company made them, and too often, they just don't.








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